Check-in / out image
The main lock box with the house keys is located next to the mailbox under the carport. To open:

  1. Open the plastic cover for the lock box by squeezing the sides and pulling down.
  2. The code is [provided prior to check-in]. Press each digit individually. If you make a mistake, you can press the clear button at the bottom to start over.
  3. Once the code is entered, press down on the latch at the top. The lock box should open, and there should be two keys in there for you to use as needed.
  4. Please close the lock box once you have removed the keys. You may have to reenter the code to push the latch down again to close it.
Also, when locking and unlocking the front door, it is easiest if you press lightly on the door while you turn the key.

  • If you used your accounts on any of the Roku TVs, please do not forget to log out of your accounts (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) before you leave, so that future guests cannot access your accounts.
  • If you used the grill, double-check that the gas is turned off on the propane tank.
  • Check the outlets and closets for anything you might have left behind.
  • Please turn off all electronics and lights.
  • Make sure all doors leading outside and any windows you may have opened are closed and locked.
  • Return both keys to the lockbox.

Please be aware that there are a few yard/pool maintenance people that may stop by the house while you are staying there. Other than being there briefly, they should not bother you. They should NEVER need access inside of the house unless we have explicitly confirmed it with you beforehand.

  • Pool (Blue Master Pools, Marcelo): Typically every Friday or Saturday. Will access the backyard through the gate.
  • Yard (EBM Landscaping, Elmar): Approximately every other week. Day of the week may vary. Will access the backyard through the gate.
  • Trash (Cabo Cleaning): They will take the trash bins from under the carport to the street Wed evening or early Thurs morning and return them to under the carport Thursday evening.